Level 20 pvp starter pack


Just purchased the Headhunter collection on Saga of Blood, started a character and must have had to many items in my inventory because I never received my level 20 pvp starter pack, that comes along with making the purchase. I have sent a petition and emailed, still haven’t heard anything back.

Please HELP

I could be reading the announcement for it on the forums incorrectly, but I think the level 20 pvp pack is included to the people you give the 15 days sub keys to, as its listed under the 15 days sub gift keys and not under the 30 day thing, nor listed on the items you get for the character.

Headhunter Collection Questions I think you could ask the question here where @AndyB has been answering questions so far so he can make any clarifications.

I apologize for the confusion; the Lv20 Starter Pack is only for the recipient of one of your buddy keys.

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