Headhunter Collection Questions


This includes a 30 day membership and we can buy this with Funcom points. Awesome! Is the membership account wide for our crom characters? Just the membership, I see the items included are for the saga toon. Also since membership is available with Funcom points, any chance this (just the membership, not the whole cache) will soon be available through a box so we can sub with Funcom points? Thanks in advance for any replies.

Level 20 pvp starter pack

The membership is for your whole account, and the buddy keys have 15 days of membership also good for the whole account. The Coffer of Nullity and Additional Spec are only for your Saga of Blood character, but the mount is also for your whole account.

At this time we have no plans to offer Membership through Funcom Points alone, although your feedback/interest in the matter will be forwarded on. Thanks!



The mount included in the Headhunter Collection is the Dark-barded Fading Black Horse which has previously appeared as a mount in-game - I believe from the Guild City mount vendor. I claimed the Dark-barded Fading Black Horse for my main character on Crom, and now I have two entries for this mount in my character list of mounts. See Henryx’s blog below; this mount has been in the game since 2013 or earlier.

In the interest of gaining some benefit from the mount included in the Headhunter Collection, can the devs at least rename the mount so that it counts as a unique mount toward Achievements? This could be fixed in an upcoming patch or probably even without a patch. There really doesn’t seem to be any value to this item in the Headhunter Collection if someone can just buy the same mount for Gold at their Guild City vendor.


The horse is a classic mount, yes - but the one from the Headhunter Collection will scale automatically with your riding skill, eventually able to go faster than its classic version. Still, the name is a suggestion worth passing on.


This is kind of irritating. what about players like myself who subbed for a year already? Do we not get any saga goodies? Or buddy keys?? I realize you’re trying to get more people to subscribe but what about the people who do subscribe? Where’s our Loyalty Rewards? How about some buddy keys for us to help promote? I want to host subscription time giveaways on my twitch stream on occasion to not only promote my stream but also this game. but you’re (funcom) as usual, making this an impossibility. Because you’re not allowing us to purchase game time keys. Why isn’t this planned? Does anyone at funcom understand how to market properly? I feel like this game would be doing so much better if you guys just considered things like this.

Guess I shouldnt be surprised all things considered. There’s a reason aoc is in the state it’s in and it ain’t because of the players.


For us that already are subscribers, what do we get?


If you are subscriber you get a free month. My subscription ended on 20 january and now ends on 20 february.


The final tier reward for the Saga of Blood quest is a PvP weapon, a title, and the Obsidian Blood of Zath mount. As the Saga character will be transferred to Fury at the end of the Saga event and considering that the Obsidian Blood of Zath mount is character-bound, will there be any way for existing Crom characters to acquire this unique mount? I would like the Obsidian Blood of Zath mount for my main Crom character (you can tell I am a mount collector).


Yeah we’ll do claims like we did for Zath.


So, only Fury characters can receive the reward items from the Saga character? No existing character on Crom can receive those rewards?


Last time fury and crom could get reward and he said same as last time…so…


I thought the Saga of Zath only transferred the final reward items to a Crom character, not either Crom character or a Fury character.


This is not true. Though the transfer went to Crom the reward items were available on both dimensions.


Sorry for necroposting but… a question for GMs
if I have this, and a saga character with I already used the 122 slot bag on it, then I delete this toon and remake it (always on saga), will I be able to claim the 122 slot bag again or not?


I suspect that you will not be able to claim the bag again as it was a one-time character linked purchase.
As you only have until 19 Feb to make a new Saga of Blood toon, I’d try putting a /petition whilst ingame with that question and then recheck the petition status each time you log in to see if it’s answered.
Or if you can send direct/private messages then send one to one if the community managers such as AndyB so they can check for you.