Level 91 and its Attribute Points are missing as of today: WTF

Logged on a short time ago only to discover that my Level 91 was reduced to level 4 and only 30 Attributes to use. What kind of BS is this crap: And, how the hell do I get it fixed?

There is only up to level 60 in the game. Anything else is from a mod, so that is where I would inquire.

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Except that on our server we don’t have such a mod. Moreover, at level 60 there chest that at level 60 that I could not open because at level 60 my level wasn’t high enough.

Game only goes to level 60 right now. So either it’s modded or you’re on the wrong game forum.


Exactly. Official servers are only level 60. You may be in the wrong arena my friend.

It’s a mod. No two ways about it. It may be a mod that does a whole bunch of other things so you didn’t realize it does this, but it’s a mod all the same.


Contact the mod author and check with them whether it is a known issue. Mods tend to break with updates.

Ye, I know about updates. Our server looks for updates every six hours… and restarts. Besides, this only happened to me and not the others in my clan… just me!

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