Levels Vs skill Points

As you guys at funcom know already players are tired of game companies limiting games until people pay extra. This already looks like its gonna happen here. We have 60 levels and not enough skill points to learn everything. Fix it by the time this game is officially released or refund it. It makes ZERO sense to have only 60 levels and over 40+ skills you cannot learn because of it. Also we are supposed to be able to build anywhere?? Why are there invisible walls where I cannot place building objects even when I am not blocking a resource?? Fix that too.

Not being able to do all skills is intentional. This is not intended to be 100% content single play through. You are supposed to make tough choices. Helps with the multiplayer aspect so that clan members can specialize. If you play single-player I think there is a way to give yourself whatever skills you want.


Plus it’s super easy to respec for the things you didn’t get last time, and it’s pretty much a must once you reach max level since you’re not going to need your iron sword making anymore.

I always have enough points for everything I need for the most part, only time I respec is when I get to max level and drop the low tier feats. And when they change the feats system and combine other things together it will make it easier anyway.

And in regards to the building, if I understand what you’re talking about it’s also interested intentional to not be able to build near thrall spawns or obelisks and stuff so as to not despawn thralls which was a big issue before.


Where in the world did you get the idea we will be able to buy skill points? Why am I not aware of this?

It makes all the sense for build variety. Even tho you can actually build everything anyway thanks to yellow lotus potions.

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Yeah the lotus potion is super easy to make, the only hassle is the 2 minutes it takes to spec back into everything you want.

Plus you don’t even need everything at once. Level up to max, build a base and put your crafting in there, use potion and get all the decorations out of the way, respec again for the things you need like weapons. Super easy.

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No it is not easy to respec. You are forced to pick some skills to get others in the same branch

10 yellow lotus are easy as heck to get. These are found at literally the beginning of the game. Yes, respeccing is easy

First of all, regarding “you can not learn anything”, it is totally correct and should be like this.

However, regarding building, decorations and maybe just all feasts - I would say you should be able just to learn them all. It is annoying to respec only to put a throne in your room, for example.

Yes, it is very annoying and extremely bad UX

Drinking potion and respec are DIFFERENT actions. Making potion is not hard, putting your attribute stats, learning all the same feasts IS.

OF COURSE, there should be “subclass” system allowing you switching to different build in 1 click and not 1000 clicks and yellow lotus potion obviously was made as it is for EA and testing. Resetting stats should be very expensive/slow process, but eventually it is cheaper to implement than a subclass system.

What we can do now

For now I would at least make current Yellow Lotus Potion a “Yellow Lotus Potion (Attributes)” and also add recipe “Yellow Lotus Potion (Feasts)” (With a bit different icon color as well), they both cost same, you just choose which one you want to craft/use.

However, it is also not hard to implement just an additional basic UI and build switching button (It is fine to add a basic animation like we have right now with blue ghost when we use yellow lotus but with much more loud sound, and player shouldn’t be able to move for 30 sec. Movement or any attack will cancel changing build/class, you might also have 0 stamina and low hp after that, and maybe even a debuff/penalty so you wouldn’t be able to switch class in next, let say, 10 minutes).