Leyshrine surge summoning

I see big clans (PVE) summoning them daily. I’m curious is it against any rules to maybe slip in during one of these and bag a T4, or are you breaking a unwritten rule and just being a idiot.

If you steal someone else’s thrall on a PVE server (or on a PVE-C server outside PVP hours), it’s not against official server rules, but it’s very much a dick move.


Good idea. Extra hands with truncheons are always of use, and if they look for some armorer or blacksmith they can give you T4 alchemist or smelter for example.


If you spent the time to collect 1000 unstable and someone slipped in and stole a t4 from your surge would you be pissed? A serious dick move. Just simply ask if you can have one.


We now moved to PvE, but on PvE-C we were able to summon multiple T4 surges daily, easily getting 1k energy every storm. But yeah, ask if you can help/take some thralls, i’m sure if someone is nice they will let you, as most of end game players just look out for T4 armorers/smiths, because everything else is rather easy to get (especially fighters/archers).

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