LF players, official pvp server

Not sure what i should write in a reqruitment post, but ohh well…

I`m looking for a few more to join our clan. we are two and a half atm (one only playing in weekends). We dont do much pvp atm, but with more people, our goal is to raid and have with with that aspect also… No point in aggroing agressive pvp clans with more members with insaine gametime just yet… We mainly use the game to relax and build. Talking crap and enjoying gametime with building, farming thralls etc etc.

Age doesnt matter much, but we arent interested in 14y\old kids screaming in discord. So mature, relaxed people would be prefered. Gametime isnt planned and we play when we have time, and we dont take this game as serious as life itself. I`ve made base, and we have stuff to gear you up as soon as you enter the game - LVLing will be fast. The server is fairly active with upto around 15 very active players.

Weird little wall of text, but feel free to write to me for any questions. Hope to talk with you soon;)

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