LFG - New Player

As stated in the title, I am a new player, trying to look for a good community that is recruiting new people. It would be nice if it were to be more geared towards PVE, as I am just starting the game out, but PVE conflict would also be alright.

Hi there. Are you on PC? Or server Lost Empire has room for more builders, and we are very newbie friendly.

Direct connection:

Have fun!

If your on PS4 check out Dark Realms its RP server with PVP only on weekends and the rest of the week is basically PVE that way you can enjoy the game without constantly watching over your back. regular pvp is enabled through out the week but no building damage.

if anyone has a pve © server on xbox feel free to send me a message on here :slight_smile:

Not sure if you found a server you like, but you sound like a good fit for our server. ZULBASHIR on PS4. All of us are working professionals that play evenings and weekends. We are pve for now, and welcome groups so if you and some friends want to migrate in and start your own clan/base be our guest.