Lianeele unable to attack after level 10+

Game mode: | Online private
Type of issue: | Bug
Server type: | PvE
Region: [ America ]
Mods?: Yes (Hosav’s UI)
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

Lianeele stopped attacking, and is permanently stuck in fisticuffs stance, after level 10+. First experienced on a private vanilla server, where the issue occurred around Lianeele level 13 or 14. Entered single-player to see if the issue occurs, and it happened at Lianeele level 11, halfway to 12.

While in permanent fisticuffs stance, no attacks are performed, regardless of switching Tactics, Engagement, or Follow Distance. An earlier Nov’ 2020 thread on a similar issue suggests manually placing weapon in the mainhand slot prior to engagement, but it has not worked. Lianeele will adopt the stance of the weapon that was manually placed, but the weapon is holstered, and Lianeele will not attack even while taking punishment from enemies.

Installed Mods:

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Bring Lianeele to level up past 10
  2. Continue the process until issue occurs
  3. Fiddle around with the thrall’s settings eg. Stance, Engagement, Distance settings.
  4. Change thrall’s weapon. Put weapon manually into thrall’s hands.
  5. Thrall adopts weapon’s stance. Weapon will be holstered regardless. No attacks will be performed regardless of explicit commands to attack.
  6. Try placing the weapon into Lianeele’s hands even while she is already getting attacked. Weapon will stay in her hands, but again, no attacks are performed.

Update: A server restart seems to have resolved the issue, and Lianeele is able to perform offensive actions once more. But the aforementioned syndrome persists.

This bug has been around for a while, and impacts all dancers.

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