Liberate tyhe Habor in Tortuge not beatable

So with infinate numbers of red brotherhood spawning again and again I cannot beat this. I assume I am supposed to kill the boss, Fine. But while I start fighting him infinate numbers of red brotherhood spawn to join him until I am dead. I have no idea how I am supposed to do this?

Observe where the red brotherhood npcs are spawning from a distance. They should be aggro’d by the town npcs. When they are aggro’d, pull the boss back to the fence you had to break down. You should be out of range of adds spawning in.
After you kill the boss, wait until the red brotherhood is aggro’d again by the town npcs and run past. A stealth one will spawn behind you once you get to the underhalls door.

To get past the first boss just run past all and jump into the bay right behind him. Wait for him to reset then come back up the ramp agro and kill him. make sure you get the spawn point before going through the next fence after the boss,

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