Library in UC exile lands new feats

**Game mode:**Single-player
Type of issue: Misc]
Server type: PvE]
Region: NA

Isnt the library in exile lands suppose to have new scrolls, I literally blew like 300 frags of power and didnt get a single new one, is it only for siptah?

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No, that was removed during the TestLive phase. Only the “dark library” on IoS has the new recipes.

they should update the patch notes then cause those say they are ment for the exile lands library too.

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you are right

@Ignasi this should read Isle of Siptah or?

  • New rewards have been added to the Library of Esoteric Artifacts on the Exiled Lands.

Good catch Katiera and so sorry for your loss :stuck_out_tongue:

I was about to mention this issue too, luckily I spawned in 400 Fragments of Power in singleplayer to find out how many new recipes there were first before wasting them with my primary character.

Thank you all for pointing it out. It was updated in the patch notes.

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