Lifeblood Spear is far more useful than you thought

The regeneration effect of the Lifeblood Spear works on thralls. Stick it into their hands and their health points shoot up insanely fast. They can recover thousands of damage in under a minute.

Just like players, they will not heal if they take damage, so having them use the spear as their primary weapon will not necessarily make them immortal - during combat, that is. Since thralls usually automatically put their weapon away after a battle, and take it back out to engage the next enemy, they will automatically start the regenerative effect again just before every fight. And since the Spear heals thralls so fast, they will likely recover hundreds of health before they lose the effect again to damage, even if the enemy hits them within the first seconds of the conflict.

This means a thrall with a Lifeblood Spear will almost certainly heal faster than enemies can hurt them unless they are involved in a very long fight against a very strong enemy, or get into new fights too quickly to ever put away their weapon in between.

Downsides include the difficulty in acquiring the Spear in the first place, the fact you can’t equip it on pets, and if you don’t want your thrall to use a polearm, you’ll have to heal them by manually handing it to them outside of combat.


Hmm… you mistake my intentions.

I have seen many people ask how to heal their thralls on the Discord and I finally found an answer for them. I am a provider of information, not a seeker of fame or acknowledgement. I edit the wiki and I answer people’s questions when I am able. Indeed, I think it is my business to share everything around.

If I ignore “loosers” and allow them to… er… continue loosening I guess, this game will just slowly hemorrhage players until there is nobody left, save those naturally-selected to inherit an empty world. I suppose those few superior specimens inhabiting that world can keep things tightened and spell words however they want, but that is not the future I aim to create.

So I will keep revealing all the knowledge I discover and you can’t stop me. :v::mega:


Actually, he’s not even the first to post it. I mentioned this tech yesterday, and I’m sure someone else has come up with it before.

It’s not about internet fame. It’s about sharing our finds, learning from each others’ experiences, helping each other. It’s what communities do.

Humanity has long since progressed beyond natural selection. Like, 30,000 years ago or something. We, the smart people, have two choices: let dumb people suffer by not helping them, or make dumb people smarter by helping them. Me, I prefer to make the world smarter rather than let those less gifted than ourselves keep doing stupid things.


So you outed yourself as a youtube player. You know, who wants others to think he is a the best player on the server, but really just goes to youtube and kites their tactics.

The opposite of “tighter”; more loose; less restrained.
Often confused with “loser”.


says a looser?, nothing wrong with sharing…

As I’ve posted before, if you want to heal thralls, use healing arrows. The heal is constant while the gas cloud is up, regardless of damage to thralls. And you can shoot the boss in the booty with it and he won’t be healed at all.

Plus it’s a lot easier to get than the spear.

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