Light Arrows, 1 base damage, seriously?

We all get the concept of light arrows, its a utility arrow and not a DPS arrow high tier material arrows, but seriously, 1 Damage?!

Funcom should enforce players to not exploit the game in their favor, but they should never restrict our creativity to play the game the way we find FUN! I wouldnt mind sacrificing SOME DPS and use it as primary arrow just to have FUN! So what if it would me cost more materials to craft than a low tier arrow, it would still be fun, even if my DPS rate was slightly reduced!

But the minimum damage on this arrow pretty much ensures -nobody- will ever use it outside its single questionable role, produce a dim light for 20 seconds (most people would rather wait a few minutes until its day again, or grab a sword + torch in a cave)

There is absolute no reason this arrow has 1 damage, its supposed “role” isnt even reasonable enough. It has a very, very limited use and its performance is questionable, add a minimum damage to it and the arrow is pretty much dead. I honestly wonder how many people actually bother carrying these arrows AND using them. I always keep a stack in my inventory and hardly ever use it, there have been a few situations they “helped”, but it just doesnt feel necessary. Their utility just doesnt justify a slot in my limited quickbar, with 1 damage its just trash!

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If their primary role is to produce light (at range, mind you, which can be more useful in some situations than carrying a torch that lights the area around you, not the area around your target), wouldn’t it make more sense to request that they work as a better light source, not as a better source of damage? If 20 seconds of light per arrow is too short, asking that the arrows inflict more damage won’t help make them useful in their intended utility role.

Bow-users can’t use torches and shoot at the same time, and some people prefer to use a bow over a sword and torch in caves, so yes, even though light arrows have a niche role, they’re still useful for some people. So let’s make them work better as light sources. We already have plenty of arrow types for hurting people.


Change video settings to low, use 1 night vision potion and have unlimited night vision.

And who would use those arrows in PvP?

They do need to fix that night vision bug. However I’m surprised the light arrow dose damage at all. It’s just a light. It would be cool if it moved with a target though. Last time i checked if you shoot someone with it and they move the light stays put. Or did they change that?

But you dont see the full picture

The arrow can only produce enough light if its used as main ammunition, THEN it would feel helpful, even for a slight drop in the DPS. Dedicated archers have multiple arrows in their hotkey bar, but its a limited space we have. I already have Serpent Man / Gas / Explosive and Healing arrow as fixed arrow choices on my hotkey bar, I play as archer since Beta Release Day 1, so Im experient on the subject.

Having another arrow that requires even more switching, just to shoot a few in the ground on very limited situations is overkill. I would rather wait for day, it only takes 3 or 4 minutes, or grab a sword and torch if in dire need. It would not feel so bad if I could simply replace my main arrow slot at night / dark environment… but with 1 Damage, its just not an option.

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I see the problem. But, if they were a better light source, maybe you wouldn’t need to dedicate a quick slot for them. Open with a light arrow, then switch to whatever you’re using for combat. You could illuminate the cliff or wall or whatever where your targets are shooting, while remaining in the cover of darkness yourself and snipe the bad guys.

Sword and torch take up two quick item slots. Light arrows only one. Even if you want to keep a melee option in your quick bar, you’d still have room for the light arrows if you remove the torch.

I have to agree. I have found very little utility with these arrows and I am an archer. I have some crafted but other than the unnamed city at night I don’t bother.

Probably way to high fantasy, but…if they did extra damage to undead. That would be fun

It’s intention is to provide light, not damage, so you should therefore be complaining about its intended function being limited/weak, not its damage.

It’s like how I saw a different thread about someone complaining about how explosive arrows didn’t do enough damage in PvE/PvP. They’re not meant for killing, otherwise everyone would never use melee. They’re meant for raiding.

Yes thats what Im trying to point here, these arrows are simply not useful the way the game has been designed, reason why it needs changes. The trouble of sacrificing a hotkey slot for a arrow that is hardly ever used troubles me. The game is just not that dark enough, there is only 1 minute of total darkness in a full day cycle that takes almost 20 minutes (Dusk and Dawn are still bright enough you wont really need it, it helps? Yeah, but its too much trouble for too little effect).

The light is too weak, lasts too little, cost a hotkey slot, it has no DPS (so it cant temporary replace your main arrow at night), to make everything worse it requires the player to constantly break combat focus and switch arrows to shoot the ground… archers already have to constantly change arrows, its just too much for a extremely situational arrow. I would rather climb something, chat in Global and wait a minute or two if I ever find myself on these rare extreme dark situations, like Unnamed City at the darkest minute in the night cycle.

If this arrow had a reasonable damage output players could simply replace their main arrow slot at night time, it would still cost them some DPS but it would balance with the advantage of the arrow. Constantly shooting this arrow in combat would produce enough light to make it useful and not completely cripple the player capability to fight at night time.

This is exactly the problem with arrows! They are too “situational” and only have a single role and cant be used to anything else! We have arrow to cripple, arrow to light, arrow to PvP siege, snake arrow that only poison, arrow to heal, arrow to harvest Starmetal (seriously, only real use for Tar arrow), arrow to knockdown thralls… Infectious, we only have EIGHT hotkey slots.

If Funcom doesnt start combining arrows utility together, to make them more versatile, nobody will bother with half the available arrows in the game (and they already dont bother)! Its too much trouble, too much switching, too many hotkey and inventory slots (why stacks of 25 anyways?!), too many different materials for situational arrows, its BORING and not efficient at all!

I agree. I love archery. I keep a main weapon and my bow because I need to swap arrows pretty much to get the utility I need.

Explosive arrows do not do what I’d like them too. Id love to be able to put down oil arrows and light people on fire but as I discovered this really does not work. Which basically means I could get by with orbs which are 10 times easier to make. Not as accurate. But manageable.

I really don’t need 2 costly arrows to break star metal

As a dedicated archer I slot only Serpentmen and Posion Gas.

I have recently been using snake arrows again. But sometimes during the swapping I lose the Dot.

I’m not the melee type most of the time. But it is easier in the long run.

I too have just climbed something as waited out the night. It is more effective than slotting light arrows.

I can use glowing goop for booze.

Healing arrows I do like. In an see the the utility and support in those. I do use them.

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