Limitations PLEASE!

so moments ago, I walked past a megalabase(megaladon -base) and I lagged, froze, then crashed, only to find out the game UNINSTALLED ITSELF!!!

so heres my suggestion, only allow a certain number of pieces to be placed so players Including these megalabuilders Can’t/force:

  1. Screw new players away from a place that they can benefit from.
  2. don’t cause lag in hostile areas, that cause death as a result.
  3. forces people to use thier heads on how they want to use a space.

now I would also like to see spawn zones for thralls highly protected, as in NO build zone. Honestly, too many ppl building on spawns, needs too stop.


Most NPC camps I know of have build blocker volumes on them. Where in particular are you referring to?

20k building pieces per clan should be enough.

Should be an option too, so private server owners can return to this madness we currently have.

Is this on pc and steam if so it’s a steam issue as game for me would crash and it did my entire library said that they were uninstalled I verify the download and it says game found but the overriding it to red own load everything even game there so yell at steam not funcom but that’s been a bug for well at least 10 years

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