Line of Sight different for different weapons? (SPOILER INSIDE!)

Ive seen this before, but now i got screenshots.

First screenshot shows available targets from targetted location using the Crossbow, second screenshot shows available targets using the Boomstick.
Why are they different? Both weapons are projectile weapons…

Both weapons should have range as well…

dropbox /s/2r7703kwp4i2is8/ZoneUE4-Win64-Shipping_2018-12-09_13-25-32.jpg?dl=0

dropbox /s/tlm6lrsctsusgs0/ZoneUE4-Win64-Shipping_2018-12-09_13-24-14.jpg?dl=0

I was not able to upload images (new user) and i was not able to post the correct links. Just put www infront, and com behind the “dropbox” text tho.

Not having line of sight on the shotgun (naturally a spreadshot) simply means it’s range falls short compared to the crossbow.

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