List of broken items after last patch

Game mode: Online
Problem: Misc
Region: All

There are many items that are broken after last update. Here I will post all broken items:

  1. Black Dragon Pike doesn’t give stamina
  2. Croms Hammer - 10 strength instead of 5
  3. Darketo/Eye of the Khan bows - 10 accuracy instead of 5
  4. Sobek armor - each part gives +4 vitality (!) instead of 1
  5. Azura’s armor - each peace gives +6 survival instead of 3
  6. World Breaker hammer - 112% penetration with add-ons, instead of 50

Hello @Zandman, thank you for sharing such thorough information, we’ll be sure to relay this information to the develpers.

I mean, I dont want to be rude or sth, but HOW the f*ck can this items be so broken, when nothing else changed for this items??

Also blackblood tools have +10, instead of +5.

@Zandman booo about your call about Sobek. Nobody used it anyway after the nerf. But yeah, its broken.

PS.: There are even Worldbreaker with 115% ap outside. All people who added +ap to Worldbreaker or Annihilator are not nerfed, which is just… at least in PvE I dont have a problem with that, but PvP…

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You should keep sobek like that a while

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I noticed this even before this update. Must already be bugged longer. At least since the blood and sands update.

:shushing_face: Shhhh.

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BB-tools were already reported :wink:
I think everything was already reported, except Sobek…

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The Spawning of converted “Dialogue” Thralls is also broken. Most of them end up being a young grey-haired version of Conan.

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I found that some issues with thralls. I want to show a video of PS4 gameplay, but the forum would let me.

Crom hammer and bows are fine

That’s because you just joined. To post a picture or video you must be at least Trust Level 1 “Basic”. In order to achieve this rank, you’ll have to read forum posts for at least one hour. (My information might be wrong, but you should have gotten a message by @CatBot with a link about the trust level system. You can check it out there.

You are talking about your relic hunter “entertainers” with 100 HP and no gear, aren’t you? This has already been addressed and he hotfix will probably go online on monday. If you want to know more about this topic, I can suggest looking into this discussion:

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @CatBot display help.


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