List of Bugs Since Last Update

Since its been awhile since we’ve had a hotfix, it seems these bugs might have been forgotten.

If anyone else experienced any bugs, reply and I’ll add them to the list.

Group Finder

Black Ring Citadel missing from rotation. (prevents achievement)

Skull Gate Pass

Vammatar the Cruel boss broken. (requires chain stunning to complete)

note: dont think this should be intended

Unchained Dungeons

Defeating final boss causes door to not unlock. (Seems to be Caravan, Scorps and Halls)

note: 4th boss in caravans room not unlocking means you can’t go back to kill the demigod

Palace of Cetriss

Bombs no longer display the aggro symbol

Kuthchemes (maybe other areas)

Conquerors experience extreme FPS stutter.


Kill Meter Icon placement does not save.

Kill streak messages do not stay turned off after cutscenes or speaking with NPCs.



Another restart?

These are outstanding issues for 2 months now.

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Any chance these bugs are getting attention?

Added 2 more bugs.

Been 30 days since OP.

Do we really need to wait another month?

Fixed that for you. More likely never for some of them.

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Can “fix” it even more by saying they will add more down the line instead of actually fixing the already existing ones.

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looks like you need to add the Advanced Riding Skill purchase issue to your list.