Bugs, bugs, and of course more bugs

I crafted the true name of Ymir and found that summoning is disabled. You also can’t remove from inventory to store in a refrigerator to stop timer. So I wasted hours of time! Then I figured I would work on the points of interest journey step and went to the undergate. Well it turns out you can enter it but cannot exit so You have to die and go back with a thrall and die again to get your stuff back. ■■■■■■ it would be nice if you could tell people on all loading screens that you guys have a very glitchy poorly developed game and that you need to research every single thing before you do it because otherwise you’ll just get screwed.

Undergate, has hole in ceiling, the gate is just part of land scape, you need look up. =3

first gods have been disabled for months
second there more then one way to get in and out of the dungeon…

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