Lost temple after update from 2 > 3

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i updated my ymir temple from lvl 2 on 3 and now hes lost

can u fix it or i must rebuild all?

welcome to the club. sadly, you wont get a “refund”. it is a known issue and if i were you i would refrain from upgrading until a fix is deployed unless you really dont mind losing your materials.

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I lost entire nearly 1 yr stock of all T4 thralls, high end resources items etc etc etc. massive amount of all items i had reach around 100,000 per say. cause server restart. than made brand new home build one my improve ice box poof gone to decay. than was making final Derketo Altar POOF said lost decay & abandonment. which entire new home was 2 days old. So we lose after months & months of gathering.

Hello @MiCHi_ZURE, we apologize for this situation but, unfortunately, we’re unable to offer any assistance with the restoration of items.

The issue is being investigated by the developers, as we’re already aware of it.

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