List of small Bugs (Running updates)

A little background. Decided to torture myself and note down every detail i get my hands on as i adventure on a new character. Writing down lore as i get them, write down mission descriptions, mobs stats, etc. You get the idea … i’m a little crazy. Doing so i come across small, not overly important bugs, so i figured i would post them all together here. In case someone need to be punished at the office and put to menial work =P.

I will only be updating this list with minor bugs that I come across, I have no intention of gathering everyones small bugs.

  • Zombies: No image in lore section
  • Zombies # 10: an extra “who” in the lore “These are the cadavers of those who in life who served certain strange priesthoods…”
  • Alerted Zombies all: have 1 more max HP than actual HP (Ex: 77/78 HP)
  • Level 9 Mobs spawned by Feigr Invasion Commander: HP seems low for these compared to same mobs at different levels (lvl 8 = 365, lvl 9 = 236, lvl 10 = 536). Not a case of summoned mobs being weaker than their normal variation.
  • 9 - Feigr Impaler: Summoned by Feigr Invation Commander. Have the buff Coastal Ward, unlike the normal variations of this mob, at different levels. (have yet to see him summon a lvl 10)
  • 1 - Returned Townies: In the level 9 zone of Kingsmouth, some groups have some level 1 mixed in.
  • 1 - Returned Townies: In the level 4 zone of Kingsmouth, some groups have some level 1 mixed in.
  • Slaughter House: Physical entrance is still using the TSW system of a walk in dungeon, claiming it is an elite dungeon. You do load in to a Story Mode, not Elite, but the team will have a leader.
  • Lair - The Motherland: The warning sound and visual of entering this lair, can trigger at this point outside of the lair.