Loading Conan drains my internet connection

when i connect to a server, either from the server list or the continue option in the launcher the game would usually use all my bandwith blocking me, or anyone else in the house from using the internet (already loaded pages would still work, and streams would too) and 10 or so mins it would work again.

so before i launched i usually made sure i had the pages running i wanted, like music on youtube… and family streaming in the house wouldn’t be affected.

now since Nemedian expansion or so, the game still does it, but it last for much longer and it will suck up all the internet for 30 or so mins preventing my family from using internet.

i have 100/100 mb fibernet and no other game suck it all…

while it was a minor frustration before, i’m now in a situation where i can only play if noone else is home, which is rare with gf and 2 kids.

so could you figure out which part of your soggy programming that does this and get it fixed.

while you work on that you might want to fix your server listings, because most of the time i can’t get info on many servers while in the serverlist… list just returns ???/??? on many parameters so i can’t tell things like: people online, server age and ping.

could you also expand it so each server is displayed with a complete modlist?
could you add an option to only show servers WITH mods, and not like now, also show servers with mods.
Vanilla Conan is just too damn boring after 4000+ hours…

Can confirm. It used to suck up all my internet too.

we can’t be the only ones that has experienced this?

2 days, and not a single word from a dev/manager or similar.

do they read these forums?

do you have to do something, like put out cookies and milk to get them to come?

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