Logging into official server finds that my character has been repeatedly dying while I’m away

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [US]

When I log into the game and join an official server it shows that my character has died when he should have been safe in his home. Usually, it is from thirst or hunger, and he die-spawns on a pile of bodies that look like their characters have just been standing idle when they should have been logged off. I used return to Main Menu when I left my last session yesterday, so I did the intended logging function. But it looks like people’s characters are just sitting in some sort of limbo when the players think they are offline. Also, logging in and finding this is quickly followed by a quick crash to homescreen. I am doing the workaround bug where you play on single player offline for five minutes before you try logging into the server again.



Seems to have worked. I guess that confirms the play offline for five minutes theory.

Steps on how to reproduce issue: