Login error - not paid or has been blocked

After I try to log in to the game I get a message saying Error - account is not paid or has been block and to go to the online account to check you account status. Everything looks fine in my account. I am using a Free account. THat shouldnt stop me from playing though, right?

Make sure u are logging into Rubi-Ka and not Rubik-Ka 2019.
Usually that Error will be shown if u try to login at Rubi-Ka 2019 with a Froob Account.

Thank you for replying. Unfortunately it was happening with both logins

Error - account is not paid or has been block for Froob “Free” accounts can mean the account is frozen and needs to be reactivated.

Try the alternate site https://register.thesecretworld.com/account . To see details of your anarchy online account On the left side > Under My Account > Click Home. You should see account details. If you see a reactivate button, click it.

The other option if your logged into https://account.anarchy-online.com/ you need to trigger the uncancel logic by clicking this link https://account.anarchy-online.com/uncancel_sub

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