Two froob accounts logged in and I can not access them

I have two froob accounts that are frozen. One is Fudderwhackin and the other is XgizmX. If someone could kindly log those accounts out so that I can access them I would appreciate it.

The bug IS repeatable by pressing escape during anarchy online logo splash after pressing login after choosing an account. I can confirm this.

Not sure if you me you can’t log your froob accounts. when I tried to log a couple of my froob account and they came up as not paid and couldn’t log them in (weird). never got a reply from support as to why but lucky I saw this post and it worked for me.
Blocked Froob Accounts - Anarchy Online / Support - Funcom Forums

This unfortunately doesn’t help if you want to go back to free having not meant to buy a membership in the first place. I literally was only checking what the payment methods were when it decided I wanted to buy an account.

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