Long loading time of objects when in the game

I’m experiencing a very long loading time of objects when playing on an official EU server. Doors, furniture’s and other objects can take up to half an hour to load, and some times doesn’t even load before I loose patience and close the game again. While loading I cannot move my character, I’m just being bounced back to where I was standing. My server ping is fine, its between 20 and 50 at all times. My download and upload speed is great, I have 1000/1000 on a fiber.

I have tried some things, but the thing that seems to help a little is preventing my antivirus from scanning files in the steam lib where the game is located.

Anyone else have this issue, and found other ways to solve ?

First of all welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I experienced this problem on an official Pve-c server(1041) a couple of years ago, I simply got tired of it and let everything decay and started to play on a different server.
I did go back roughly a year later and started building a small sandstone base, and very quickly ran into the same problem again, so I just left again and have never since then returned to that server :slight_smile:

I don’t for second believe that it has anything to do with your pc or connection, everyone on the server felt it, and even if you moved out of render distance then you could see other bases not loading in properly, and also my own little hut struggling to render again when I returned to it.
I am convinced it is the server or actually the database files that have grown very big with garbage data making it react very slow especially when there are lots of people online.

I can only think of 2 options to this where only 1 is viable…

  1. Funcom starts to wipe official servers regularly so they once in while will have a fresh database(Probably never will happen)

  2. You simply stop playing on that server and find another to play on.

The short answer is you get your server admin to restart the server. If you’re on a Funcom Provided Server, then it means using Zendesk to put in a ticket in order to get the server admin there to give the server a kick.

That will work for about a day or so however as those servers have very old and very used database. Frillen has an option that will work, in the short term:

This is a self fulfilling prophecy. For example, if Funcom decided to wipe their provided servers. There would be a major problem right off the bat. Either through advertising on social media, or through word of mouth (if they decided not to advertise) word would get out that the servers were wiped.

Users who used to play will likely come back. Lured by the idea of starting over with all the new stuff, and having a chance of getting a spot on the map they never had, and various other reasons.

Any of you remember the surge in population during Age of Sorcery? Like that, just dial it up. Good news is, the new databases should be able to handle themselves… for a bit. Even on G-portal it should work. You won’t see performances you would see on non-provided servers, but it will be better than now.

For a bit. Then they will degrade as people build over the map. People put followers all over the map (this follower limit is set far too high). And all the other general shenanigans people do especially hacks and exploits (remember, they do things with the game it doesn’t account for, so this causes issues too, especially if they keep duping).

So first few weeks will be horrible over population. Then the next few weeks will be tolerable, but then the servers will slowly degrade over back to what they were before.

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