Can’t finish the journey “Mason”: I build and upgrade many pieces and nothing happens!!!

Try switching to a different journey, then switch back

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I did.

Hi @DelmaEliane. I have managed to complete this one myself, but I recall it was a bit finnicky. Now my recollection of it is not the best as it was a while ago now that I completed it, but lets try a couple of ideas shall we. I am fairly certain I succeeded by upgrading a foundation piece. I am sure I converted a T2 insulated wood foundation on my verandah to a T3 hardened stone piece, then back again. Could you try to give that a shot? Needless to say, try this tinkering on an expendable block or base which will not have far reaching ramifications on you main base. I will await your reply.

Ps- DelmaEliane what mode of play do you use? Eg: singleplayer, cop-op, official server, private server, PvP/PvE?


I play pve mode.
I’ll try, thanks.

No problems DelmaEliane. I will await your reply. Good luck!

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