Looking for a laid back pve server

i have been running my own server for awhile and feel it’s time to find a server i can actually play on instead of focusing purely on admin side things… i’m looking for a modded PVE server with AOC, EEWA and emberlight i enjoy having a variety of ways to customize my character. i would prefer low modifiers i like having a challenge. so xp and other modifiers i’d rather be less than 3x. i have a few friends who may come to the server as well. i’m not huge into RP but have considered trying it… especially if it is a more fantasy vibe… while i love conan the lore is not my strong suit…

We don’t have AOC or EEWA, but i think we gots er’thang else. You’re more than welcome to check it out and if ya don’t like it, S’all good :grin:

Also looking for a server or server cluster like this, did you have any luck?