LOOKING FOR ADMINS!18+ New Kingdom PvEvP (AoC, Towns, Faction wars, etc.)

18+ New Kingdom PvEvP (AoC, Towns, Faction wars, etc.)

Is a brand new server paid for by myself and will do so has long has there is interest will be buying 1YEAR SERVER PACK,
to ensure player progress or even server progress

Main idea is set need help developing certain area and well i need player who know the game and mods more then me i am willing
to buy the game for you even DLC’S since i know this is going to be huge!

Email me at [email protected] for more info but no stress this is a casual hobbie for now
since i will be implementing faction war streaming and all to promote CONAN EXILES and maybe eventually maybe
partner up with funcom!

please dont be scared to write free game free admins control what else you want!