Looking for Advice for Starting out Fresh

I played the original game off and on for a few years and decided to try out Legends. I’m just looking for advice on weapons and builds from those with experience in Legends. Just helpful stuff for making starting out a bit easier. If it helps, I went with Dragon and the class that used fist and blood.

Not to seem unhelpful, but someone came with similair questions about starting in legends =) figured his thread might be of interest a bit

There are a few mentions of healing weapons in there. The gist of it is that Hit Rating (your chance to hit the target) is something healing weapons lack a bit. Going with extra Hit Glyphs early on can help smooth that out a bit though.

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There are a bunch of useful guides here: Consolidated list of Gameplay Guides

Check especially the TSWDB’s Beginner Guide, the Basic Builds, and How to Build guides. There are other ways to do things for certain, but those will give a solid start.