Looking For Low Decay Server

Title says it, can’t keep up with decay, looking for somewhere relaxed where I can chill and build and maybe meet ppl and check out they manor.


Try one of @Wak4863’s servers. You will have to join his discord and follow some basic rules, but if I remember correctly, he has decay timers turned off and has active admins. Best of Luck.


Based on community feedback decay had been turned back on for my PlayStation servers but it’s a 2 week timer for buildings and thralls. So double official server decay time.


Go Barbaric PVE-C has no decay, New Server, great starter kits & only 2 rules, try us…

We have a pve server with a wild west themes shopping district big enough for everyone to build their own shop. Land claim radius is adjusted to allow it. It’s very relaxed, not really any rules other then don’t be mean lol and bo decay is on. A few people have work commitments on there so we understand. It’s a new server so freshly wiped. Been playing with the same clan for 4 years so it’s a long term server :slight_smile: all setting close to official except the decay timer off and long stamina and thrall pots reach further. Currently building some PvP areas in the corners of the map so we will have the PvP flag!

It’s called

“The Atlantean sword” and you can find it very easy by hovering over server name in pve and hitting X and it will be the top of the list!

So far we have limited foundations to reduce lag and use fence foundations and ceilings :slight_smile:
Region is America

3 admins, two Australian and one US

WAK has great servers. I do recommend WAK.

But if you really want zero decay check out Nova’s Embrace (PS4/PS5).
Mostly vanilla settings (night is a little shorter).

Discord: Nova's Embrace