PVE Private Server - Nova’s Embrace - Welcome Exiles!

I’m running a PS4/5 Conan Exiles (Exiles Lands) server. Looking for players to join.

The server is called ‘Nova’s Embrace’.

I also have a Discord Server called Nova’s Embrace.

The server is PVE with mostly vanilla settings.

No boosts for XP, no boost for resources, no boosts anywhere.
Daytime will last a bit longer than vanilla settings and Nighttime is a little shorter.
No Decay Timer. Mods will likely wipe a base that looks abandoned (after a long time).

PVE running the Exiled Lands.

This server is for players who want to co-op and share.

Questing and Roll-playing are welcome.

Both experienced and new players are welcome.

A wee bit of thievery is OK.

At the moment there is no password needed to join.

-Sega Dude
a.k.a Nova the Devourer.