Looking for PS4, PvE, RP focused friends that read REH's stories

Looking to make some friends in Hyboria, that know the setting source material, and want to hang out in character as we grind our way along.

You would be welcome in my clan on official pve server #3020 if your pict savage can adapt himself to our town of mostly civilized folks.

We are two aspiring darfari sorceresses of the clan Sinners Refuge trying to establish dominance in the brimstone trade and grow our powers.

I have not read much but i am willing to and we try our best to be lore friendly. Bear in mind that we are not personal friends of Conan only random exiles so we do not know every step he has taken anyway.

Just to give you an option if you want to, we would love another role player to the group.

Are you still roleplaying on that server. I’d like to join if you are…