Pve, EU, Adult, RP


I’m on the official eu pve servers and looking for clan mates.

I’ve got one village next to a brimstone mine and would like to expand it with thralls and free men/women, and maybe start a brimstone trade with other clans?

Could be up for anything tho but prefer RP with other adults.

I might be interested. Could be a lot of fun. What system are you running? I have Ps4.

Ps4 here as well. And on the #3020 server with a lvl 25ish Darfari aspiring witch. Could be willing to start over somewhere else tho.

Lovely! I will give it a shot then. And you say you prefer rp? So do I. I love me a good rp.

As for starting over anew, I don’t mind one way or the other.

I do not currently have a mic though, will that be an issue?

I do :slight_smile: But don’t shoot me if i don’t know all the lore or old ye english.

Perfect, neither do i.

Lets start a clan then. Not sure how but if you log in before me and need info about the character in order to invite or something she is named Sekhmet and she is at “Exiles Cave” if you need to seek her out.
There is a doorless house there(not mine) you could seek shelter from the storm in before i arrive to grant access to my stuff. No well yet tho so bring a couple of water skins, there is plenty of antelopes for skin east of there. Or humans in the mine if you are inclined to that sort of thing.

Also, i have Set and Yog already so maybe start with Mitra or Derketo? I wont deny anyone Ymir but i would like a believable reason why he is in the desert with my Set shrine.

Lol no worries, and neither do I. As for lore, I’m sure we can make it up as we go along. Can’t hurt anything .

Derketo will be perfect as a start, and I can pick up Mitra on my way west, given the my char will be hailing from the jungle to the east. She will be a short defari named Drexa.

Also! I can’t seem to find Exile Cave on the maps. Where about is it?

My psn is Dangerousrex9.

And do you have discord?

Great, i originally went with Derketo and wanted to settle the jungle too but i lost the character, had to start anew, chose Set purely for the antidote, got sidetracked…life you know. But Sekhmet is into Derketo for sure.

Sorry, turns out the official name is Sinner’s Refuge, its south of Summoning Place and north of the Sentinels.

I was sure mine was the same as my name on here but now i get unsure if i’m getting things mixed up, let me check when i get home tonight. What timezone are you in btw? I’m on central eu time, Oslo/Berlin/Rome etc.

I don’t :confused: Might try tho if you got the patience as i’m not tech-savvy.

My timezone is American EST. You are five hours ahead of me.

Lovely, I know where that is, about to get into the game shortly.

And as for discord, yeah, I got plenty of patience! And it’s pretty easy. They have it for the computer, but I just use the phone app. It will make talking back and forth pretty easy.

I do believe I found you! I have a tiny hut by the big tree.

Saw it. Curious to see how it will become a Derketo temple :slight_smile:

I was on for just a minute to see if i could invite you somehow but i did not get it, made a clan tho “Sinner’s Refuge” which we can change if we want later, had to log out quick before the kids come home and see bloddy t**ts flopping about. Will be on later and try again after their bedtime about 22.00 Oslo time.

I got a temple being built a bit behind it.

Lol I know how that goes. I got kids myself.

I work nights, so I will try to be on when you do. Though it might end up being a bit late. If we get a discord going, we can talk a bit easier and organize things in game.

Though I’m not sure how to join a clan or if you need an invite.