Looking for the Candy Witch. Scenario by me and Yuuko Shirakawa

((Peter exits the Agartha portal to Greenfield, he finds himself underneath an enormous tree overlooking an Irish village. The day is usually hot, the sea air and fields mixing to create a usually earthy smell. Down the road and across from a from a farm is dirt road leading into heavily wooded area, next to it is a red steal sign with a skull and cross bones on it and warning about active cryptids in both Gallic and English.))
Jul 12, 2023, 6:36 AM
Jul 12, 2023, 10:15 AM
Ireland, land filled with mystery and strife all shrouded in the color green. There was a hint of orange from the Protestant Scottish planters that were sent to replace the native Gaelic population by King William of Orange. This interplay between orange and green had caused several conflicts throughout the ages and most recently in the last century during a dark time called the troubles where guerrilla warfare erupted all throughout the island mainly in the North. In all this darkness and destruction though, there existed an even deeper darkness beyond the veil of normal human perception. Throughout the ages there have been stories supernatural and paranormal occurrences most commonly Saint Patrick using powers given to him by the Christian God to drive out all the evil snakes from the island. Most people would take stories like these as mere folklore, however; those in the secret world knew that there was extreme validity to these stories to the point that they actually may be 100% historically accurate.

Sartre held his assault rifle as he looked at the warning sign of cryptids. In common parlance, cryptids would be known as monsters. He was investigating those that had angered the candy witch and her cult.

He had always thought of the candy witch as a nice figure, every Halloween she would deliver candy to everyone including investigators of the secret world.

There had been a lot of candy lately in the piñatas of Agartha. But none were as good as what the candy witch produced.

He slowly made his way in the foreboding woods.
Jul 12, 2023, 11:51 AM
((Upon further entering the woods, peter finds a set of tracks, tracks the toes of which the toes and heels of which are checker, with swirling central pattern. However, the tracks seem to lead deeper in the forest at frantic and awkward pace. They do not seem to be the tracks of a highly trained assassin or expert hunter; they seem more like the frantic tracks of someone who was trying to keep from being seen but who had no idea how to remain hidden. Their gait also appears to be off; it seems like whoever made the tracks was kind of awkwardly waddling around on stilts, but the indentation is far too shallow for that.))
He carefully studied the tracks using anthropology. He thought from the looks of them that they were definitely from a human. Much taller like human rather than a leprechaun. One would figure they would see a leprechaun around these types of woods. Obviously whoever or whatever had made the tracks and footprints was not truly wishing to hide itself. He placed his rifle behind his back and pulled out his 9 mm handgun.

He guessed he was dealing with some sort of human with no supernatural powers.
Jul 14, 2023, 3:47 PM
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Jul 17, 2023, 6:55 PM
((As he examined the tracks he saw them leading into a nearby wooden shed that look as if hadn’t been used in years, its windows broken and door taken off then hinges ages ago))
Jul 18, 2023, 6:29 AM
He took the time to sidestep, placing each foot in front of the other at an angle lifting each foot to the side before lightly placing them back down on the ground. This will prevent any scent free from hearing a crunching of leaves which could easily turn into a vicious firefight.

Thinking he only was dealing with one human, Sartre had switched to his pistol. It was the standard Glock 9 mm with no laser sights or any accessories. He figured he could easily place a shot using the iron sights located on the front of the weapon.

He approached the open door. He raised his pistol in a combative stance and turned looking into the darkened shed. He placed his flashlight under the Glock 9 mm. He scanned the room for any assailants.
Jul 18, 2023, 4:32 PM
((No one is found inside the shed, through there dose appear to be signs of some one passing through recently. A broken work bench in the corner looks like it was moved recently. Next to the door is a hanging nail on it appears be a bit of blue wool that got caught on it. Underneath the nail, is a plastic card, the reads ‘give a Costa coffee, 20 euros’. Near the back of the shed is a small hole in the wall large enough for human to pass through on the other side of the hole the track continue deeper into the woods.))
Jul 22, 2023, 6:55 AM
He picked up the Costa Coffee card and deduced that it was from somewhere in the European Union. He looked on the back for some sort of serial number that he could cross reference. He would then put on a pair of gloves and slide the card into a small evidence bag. With the blue thread that was found, he picked it up with a set of forensic tweezers and slid it into an evidence bag as well. He decided to use his phone to ring the illuminati computer tech Cassini about the coffee shop card and then decided that the strand of clothing could be analyzed by Zurn. He had not spoken much to either of them in almost 12 years
After sending the information he made his way down the path into the woods.
Jul 23, 2023, 3:58 PM
((On the back of the card, peter finds account number, indicating that it’s a prepaid gift that can be associated with the punchers ‘points account’. As he made his way down the path, he finds the tracks leading back out of the woods and down towards paved road that leading to train station. He then receives a ping on his phone, the card was purchased by Anastasia Kovalenko a low level Templar account who moved to Port Marnock from Kiev approximately a year ago. The analysis of the blue fiber determined that it was made of wool and appears to belong to a girls’ uniform for the O’Connell Academy a secondary school in the Suburbs of Dublin. The tracks lead to the sidewalk where they stop at the stair leading down to the train station.))

((The search for occult affiliation, finds non for O’Connell academy except a single illuminati agent named Dr. Patrick Murphy who is task with concealing the existence of the Secret world from the students. A search for basic information on Anastasia Kovalenko, reveals that she is married to Vlodimir Kovalenko and has a daughter named Anna Kovalenko. Anna is a student at the O’Connell, and has two courses with Candy witch cult member Evan McGowan.))
Jul 30, 2023, 5:37 PM
He figures that had and Evan openly spoke about the existence of the candy witch and possibly other supernatural occurrences away from the safety of places like Ealdwic.

He figures that Patrick Murphy and an effort to make a name for himself as well as conceal the existence of the secret world has kidnapped the two students.

He chooses to go to the O’Connell Academy and interview Patrick Murphy.
Jul 31, 2023, 5:08 PM
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((Sorry for the late reply, the story is still going, I am just in the middle of a busy week. I will hopefully have some free time to write up the next part sometime either Friday or Saturday.))
Aug 9, 2023, 3:57 PM
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Aug 9, 2023, 4:41 PM
((As Peter arrives at the school he finds that it is closed for the summer holiday. There appears to be no staff on campus and no sign of any students. A quick search of his phone pulls up the ware abouts of Dr. Murphy, who left on vacation for Bermuda about 2 weeks before the sighting started, illuminati intelligence states that he has not left the resort since his vacation started. Looking around he See’s more of the tracks from the woods, only this time they seem be made of sticky brown substance, likely caramel or syrup. Following the tracks, he see teenaged girl holding an ice coffee trying to blend into crowd and follow someone that Peter can not see through the nearby crowd.))
Aug 12, 2023, 7:38 AM
Following his best strategic option, he simply follows the girl who is carrying the ice coffee.

He figures the group is heading into the nearby woods perhaps bringing supplication of different candies and sweet drinks in order to appease The Candy Witch.
Aug 12, 2023, 1:24 PM
((While following the girl, peter gets a better look at the who she is following a group of 3 boys on bikes. As he continues to follow them, they board the train again and begin making their way back to Greenfield. For the entire journey the girl seems to be always just out of sight of the boys she is following (who appear oblivious to her presence). As they arrive and disembark, she scrambles behind a news stand as the boys make their way up the stairs and too the main road. She emerges a short while later, continues to follow them. They only stop to look behind them once, which caused he to awkwardly leap into a nearby bush before taking the road, up into the hang man’s wood and back to the crumbling shed peter saw earlier. Looking out from behind the shed, he can see that have a clear view of the 3 boys who have begun loitering outside a nearby farm.))
Aug 20, 2023, 11:24 PM
Figuring that the young girl is a supernatural entity, he actually figured that she was an incorporated version of the candy witch, he quietly approached the girl. Making sure she could see him at all times. He made sure to show her that his hands were empty. As he made his way around the shed he inquired,

“Miss Candy Witch?”
Aug 21, 2023, 4:37 PM
((The girl suddenly turned around with an surprised/alarmed looked on her face as if she was caught in place she was not supposed to be, before screaming “PLEASE DON’T KILL ME!” and running back down the path she had come.))
Aug 25, 2023, 4:49 AM
(That is interesting.) He decides to mark the direction she was heading to interview her later, for now he decided to venture deeper into the woods pistol at the ready. Looking for signs of the paranormal.
Aug 25, 2023, 2:09 PM
((As Peter made his way deeper into the woods, he came across what seemed like a small cloud of tobacco smoke descended from a nearby tree floated across his line of sight, the form of a tiny woman with wings began to materialize, her hair greasy hair dyed blonde, dark circles hung under blood shot eyes and a cigarette dangled from her mouth. She appeared to be grumbling to herself as she began searching among the branches of nearby bush.))
Wed 5:00 AM
He cautiously approached what appeared to be a fairy or fey type creature.

He doubted it was the candy witch,

He approached the fairy woman from the front so as to show her that he was not a threat.

"Excuse me, Miss? Mythical fairies smoke cigarettes now?

How many packs a day?"

“That little girl the ran off earlier, would you know if she would happen to be the Candy Witch in human form?”

“My name is Sartre by the way.”

He cautiously waited for a response. (This is awesome!)
Wed 6:28 PM
(You do a great job!!! Where else can you find a chain smoking fairy?)
Sat 2:46 PM
((Annoyed, the woman turned around with a scowl on her face, “you got a problem bee!? You think you can come into these woods and tell people how to live!” The little woman pulled a shard of glass out from behind her back and began flying twords Peter with the intent to stab, only to be pulled into a vacuum like device being held by woman in a neon green vest that said Garda, over an anti stab vest. “You have a permit to be out here harassing the fay agent Sartre?” She asked as now screaming fairy was deposited into sound proof cage.))
Yesterday, 7:31 AM
Feeling sorry that he had upset the fairy, he stated,

“I’m very sorry about that Ms. fairy, I was trying to be as cordial as possible perhaps to establish rapport. I’ve never spoken with your kind before, but I see that they have some of the same habits as us humans. Your choice of weaponry I must say is very unique. That piece of glass could hurt a bee, and especially a normal human.”

To further explain myself,

He looked towards the Southern Irish Gardai police officer,

“Agent Peter Sartre, Miss…”

He extended his hand.

"I’m actually here investigating several disappearances of humans that could be related to the mythical candy witch.

She is the one that drops off that delicious candy every October. Have you ever had some?"

My guess is that you are a special agent of the Gardai from the department that deals with Cryptids and other unexplained phenomena.

Have you heard of the candy witch, it seems as if she has been angered somewhat. It seems as if some of the local kids that have gone missing have been trying to supplicate or pray to her by bringing various sweets and candies even bringing sodas.

I hope I’m not intruding on your investigation, and if you would like to let the fairy out of her container that would be perfectly fine. "
Yesterday, 4:00 PM

((The fairy who now appeared in the grips of a psychotic rage, began scratching at the plastic walls of her container trying in vain to escape. The police offer then cordially shook peters hand, “Officer Sara O’Donnell, a pleasure to make your acquaintance agent Sartre and you are right I am Dublin assigned me to Greenfield specifically to work with its…unique population as such I am well aware of the Candy Witch, it seems like every year we have more and more people looking for her. Unfortunately, if you are looking for her, I am afraid your bit early, normally the Candy Witch doesn’t awaken from hibernation until late September. Though she has been to sporadically awaken throughout the year” She blinked at mention of missing kids, “Missing kids? That would have been on the top of my pile, I don’t recall any mention of missing kids.” She then took her hat off and rubbed her forehead before her eyes went wide, “Waite a second, are you referring to the reports of the creature stalking the cult of the Candy Witch?”))
3:52 AM
"I was referring to the missing students from the local O’Connell Academy Miss O’Donnell, it is very nice to meet you, I had no idea that there were reports of a creature stalking the cult of the Candy Witch? What kind of creature is this and why would it seek to harm her cult?

How how are Cryptids like this fairy be able to procure cigarettes and bring them back to the woods? He motioned to the fairy in the glass container. "If you calm down, she might let you out of there so that you can finish your cigarette. He turned back to O’Donnell. “Speaking of creatures, what other cryptids are to be found in the woods of Ireland?”

((“They go to the store and buy them. They have to do it after sunset, not because of any human law, but because when the fay can leave their world and visit ours.” She then tapped the container, “in the cases of this one though, she likely stole them before she attempted to assault you. Since she was on conditional release, she will be coming with me back to the station. As to what you can find in the hang man’s woods, it primely just the fay, in town we have, Dullahan, Leprechaun, Lycanthrope, and humans. As well as large community of expat cryptids from the mainland.” She then took out her phone and scrolled through a list of open cases, “I don’t have anything on missing kids from the O’Connell Academy, do you have names I can search?”))
6:05 AM
“Cryptids can commit misdemeanors now huh?” He said as he glanced at the fairy in the glass cage.

“I have never seen a leprechaun before, are they like they are in legend Miss O’Donnell? Do they really carry around gold and wear green suits?”

As far as the students at the school, there is a daughter of a Templar agent, her name is Anna Kovalaenko.

Her mother is Anastasia Kovalenko the Templar agent. Have you ever heard of her.

Her daughters associated with a member of the Candy Witch’s cult named Evan McGowan. Have you heard of these names?"

((Sara raised an eyebrow, “…not since the 1600’s, they ware button up shirts now and have investment portfolios. Did you say Evan McGown?” She led Peter the edge of the woods overlooking nearby farm, out in front of a group of boys, one of whom was leaning against the mailbox and browsing his phone, “As in that Evan McGown of the Cult of the Candy Witch.” She then pulled up a picture on her phone “And is this the Anastasia Kovalenko, you are looking for?” The picture on the phone resembles the girl who ran away from peter before he encountered, the fairy and officer O’Donnell.))

"Yes, I was referring to Evan McGowan. And that is the girl that I saw running away from me, she is the daughter of the Templer Agent.

She seemed very frightened.

I thought she might’ve been The Candy Witch incorporated into human form.

I asked her if she was The Candy Witch before she ran off."