Loot bag spawn fail / fell through map. Anyone else getting this?

So I was up in the northern mountains with a level 3 bearer thrall looking for a space to set up a new base on an official pve server. Bearer was loaded up with insulated wood walls, foundations, etc, basically everything I’d need to quickly put up a very decent camp.
I followed a path someone made over a small lavaflow, and my bearer must have hit the lava. Instadeath and no visible loot bag followed.
Spent the next fifteen minutes looking for a loot bag buried under the map but no luck. Instead I lost everything I’d worked a hell of a long time to gather.
Is anyone else reporting loot bags not appearing or falling through the map? It’s a bit of a mood killer, and not the first time it’s happened.

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I play PC and noticed that knocked out Thralls and bodies of dead Thralls disappear sometimes when I turn my back to them. It’s SP. The last time I’ve lost T3 Carpenter. Thanks Crom it was not a Named Thrall.

Yeah, I get the disappearing thrall a lot on follow, but this just took it up a level. No loot after a buggy instakill is painful. The thrall had over 2000hp and died in one touch. And the loot. That’s what’s really eating at me. Nothing salvageable and many hours work lost. It cost so much to load him up, and as a solo player it really stings knowing I will have to farm for another week to build up my supplies again!

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That sucks. I’ll bear that in mind in future. I had no idea the whole inventory would go bye-bye. If it’s a common occurrence I guess I’ll have to take the hit and start farming again :joy::sweat_smile::sob:

Happens often, I have a spot in my base that if I drop anything it falls through floor

Also have a tiger that fell into floor when placing, have to destroy foundations to dig it out…


When I trade items with other people we do it on natural ground whenever possible.

It’s rare. But sometimes when you drop items on structures they fall strait through to the center of the earth.


I’m glad to hear that it’s not just something I’m doing wrong, but it’s pretty harsh that it happens in the first place. I imagine that as you’re trading, you’re probably losing high value items?
Has this been an issue for a long time? I only ask as I’ve been playing about a month or two and it seems loot bags/corpses go under the map around 50% of the time!

Te alejas y vuelves y debe estar

We’ve also seen this issue in various areas of the map, typically a re-log fixes it and the bag will reappear.

once you fall into the lava you lose the loot

Most of the time if you run out of rendering distance and back they will magically resurrect to the surface.

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Been a known thing since day one only way round can be to log out then back in sometimes makes the bag come back