LoreHound: Lore proximity alerts



Alerts for nearby lore pickups


  • Detects and identifies lore as you approach with a variety of notification options
  • That’s about it. It doesn’t do much, but it does it well

Known Issues

  • While not as conservative as earlier releases, default settings may need adjustment. In particular, alerts for drop lores that are already known seem to surprise people.

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Forum edits are only permitted for a limited time. This post may not fully represent the current state of the mod. If I am unable to edit the post, I will add updates in a reply. Links should go to the latest download and not need updating. This post is accurate as of v1.4.0, released April 13, 2018.

Feedback, suggestions or bug reports are welcome.

Modding Overview & Index

one of my favourite mods… thanks!


This is a fantastic mod. I am so appreciative of your hard work. Thank you! <3


If only i had this earlier, just missing a few lores now, will take a look at it though;) I am curious how it detects the lore?


It hooks into a proximity event that game objects fire when the player enters a fixed range and filters based on a list of known name IDs for lore. Then it tries to identify the actual lore entry and filters further by checking the player’s collected entries before issuing notifications.

It does play things a bit cautiously. Since it needs a full identification to check the player’s lore journal, it normally supressess notifications if there’s any ambiguity. Extra testing mode reveals those, as well as expanding early filtering beyond the known ID list. Tradeoffs between being informative and annoying are a major reason for so many settings in a mod that does so little.


Very nice, i think everyone can appreciate lots of options :wink: Thank you for making it :slight_smile: