Lose lose situation

Well I know you need thralls and pets on this game because no one can be online all the time so it’s good to have gaurds for when your offline. Problem is on PS4 when get too many your game freezes constantly and bluescreen out your own base. Basically either leave your base open to get raided or you deal with crazy lag where your tribe can’t function. That’s a huge problem I have members who refuse to enter main base for fear of game freezing. It’s a lose lose situation. Type stuff make people quit playing the game :neutral_face:

Hello @Danbowie, we’re terribly sorry that you’re dealing with performance issues on the PS4, we are continuously investigating these while also monitoring the forums to gather as much data and feedback as possible from players.

If you could provide additional details for us to relay to the developers, please share them in this thread, which is specific for performance issues. All information, such as base size, thrall count, and even a couple of screenshots for the area responsible for these will help us immensely, thank you for understanding!

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