Losing Server sync when placing 8th thrall on the wheel of pain

Game mode: Online

Problem: Character losing sync with the server.

Region: gtxgaming rented server in Texas

My character can not open doors after placing the 8th thrall on the wheel of pain. Also other players on the server see me in a different area as do I with them. Relogging did not fix it had to completely leave the game. I can still access crafting stations, chests, etc but can not use the stations or place items in chests. This has happened twice today at the Mounds of the Dead and Sepermeru. Interacting with the wheel of pain again after restarting causes the same problem to reoccur.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Place the 8th thrall on a greater wheel of pain

Possible solution is after adding the 8th thrall turn the wheel off and back on. Just did that and everything is working fine without restarting my client

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