[PC] Desync bug after interacting with wheels of pain

Platform: PC

Server: Smith & Forge (private server)

Description: after opening wheels of pain and greater wheels of pain with 4 or more thralls in them, players become desync’d from the server. They can’t interact with in game objects and may be killed by NPCs that they can’t see. You can predict the desync if you open a wheel that is On and the countdown bar for the fuel is frozen (does not advance).

This does not appear to affect small wheels of pain. this is an issue that’s reported on other servers as well, but it may not affect all servers universally.

Work-arounds: Use small wheels of pain, since these do not appear to have the same issue. If you elect to use medium or large wheels, avoid breaking more than 3 thralls at a time. If you prefer to use medium and large wheels, you can fix desync by relogging. Players may wish to place medium and large wheels inside structures or walls to keep their bodies safe during a relog.


I was always wondering why I died in a different place every time while filling wheels. Thanks for the heads up.

Great post and yes this bug happens on all servers.

There is a known workaround for this glitch. It starts at a regular Wheel of Pain (4-seater) with three+ in the hopper. There is some desync at two thralls, but you might not notice it. Whenever you notice it, stay in place. If you move around you might end up in a risky place. Remember the server isn’t catching up to you.

A. Wheel is training/burning fuel. Remove all fuel from wheel.
B. Let current fuel burn down until the wheel stops training.
C. Exit the wheel, check for desync by trying to open a nearby item. I keep a chest handy.
D. Once assured of no desync put back fuel of choice and resume training.

If you place more than three thralls in the WOP and give enough fuel to finish breaking all the thralls, you can place more than three in the wheels of pain to break if you’re going to logout anyway. The wheel does not stop working, even though your character has been desynched. You may collect all the finished thralls upon login WITHOUT receiving this issue. :slight_smile: Not a solution, just a workaround if anyone got as annoyed about this as me. I mass harvest thralls, filling up 2-3 GWOP at a time. Have been doing this method with great success at the end of my sessions to continue collecting efficiently.

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Our server has been noticing this happening more and more the last few weeks (after 500+ bug fixes.) We have greater wheels of pain in the volcano area and when we interact with them we experience the same effect as mentioned in this original post. I’d hate to bring up the past, but I think some further DEV investigation is needed.