Wheel Of Pain bug

Hello I was wondering if they have fixed the wheel of pain for tier 2 and 3. Once you put your 4th thrall into the wheel you can no longer open/close chests or doors. You have to log out and back in to reset it. Then if you happen to look into your wheel of pain again the same issues occurs. Fingers crossed this is fixed before launch :slightly_frowning_face:

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Wow thanks for that information. A neighbor of me was wondering about his bugs regarding that…
Oh, and a doubled thread I guess. Someone else opened one already.

“xreallm:hello Funcom i got a question that i am anoyed from for a long time no clue if this bug is know, to funcom but i have to ask it since its in the game forever and its stil not fixed. there is a bug if you enter a wheel of pain you are unable to open doors anymore its a visional bug thats what i know so far because if you click the door it opens for other players but it stays closed for your own character is this bug getting fixed or know about? much love!”

That was asked today on devstream today again. @Jens_Erik
(Totally forgot it and am writing this as I paused the video.)
I did not try this on testlive yet, maybe I should…
Hopefully that clears up the “weird bug report”? :slight_smile:
I had this happen on live as well.