Lesser Wheel Of Pain

Game mode: *[ Select one: (Online official)
Type of issue: [ Select one: Bug ]
Server type: *[ Select one: PvP
Region: [ uk ]
Hardware: [ Series S ]

Bug Description:

I have a problem with the lesser wheel of pain.
I can build it and place it fine but once its down i can no longer interact with it, cant put thralls on it and i can even select it to dismantle it, it goes glitchy and i can walk theough it.
Any ideas what could be causing this or is there a known fix?

U ko thralls, u grab em with rope , drag em to the wheel and when u press interact they stay out of wheel?

No i cant interact with it at all, before ive even got thralls, once its placed on the floor i cant open it or dismantle it, i’ve tried 5 times in different locations, my friend can use it everytime but doesnt seem to work for me

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