Losing thrall and loot


Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug ]

I dont know what this update did but Ive lost 2 thrall they just die when I enter a dungeon for no reason and I saved my game and lost all of my loot from different bosses when I logged back in. I’m so done with this game right im not playing until this gets fixed, The AI for the thrall doesn’t fight back for some reason.

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Just had my Dalinsia Snowhunter get stuck 3 times and then deleted from my followers list in the wine celler. Playing on PS4 offline. She keeps getting horded into an alley and gets stuck, last time was the first water fall. And because its set up to not build and place items you cant move her. Backed out of the cellar 2x and got her back but the 3rd time when she was stuck in the waterfall it deleted her totally. Spent 2 weeks looking for her to capture… so frustrating. And the log is blank!!! So screw it im cheating and spawning a new one! And definitely not a good idea to fight red mother in unnamed city right now. She kept falling through the floor every time the dragon did its stomp!

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It’s been quite a hard time on Red Mother, thrall freezing happens most of the times when leaving dungeons :confused:… it was rolling with less bugs before the update

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