Loss of entire bases on private server

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: US/ East Coast
Mods?: No
Edition: Microsoft Store | Game Pass

Bug Description:

On three separate occasions a clan in Buccaneer Bay has lost everything they have built, castle, arena, thrall wheels, and even their recently built RP village to an unknown issue. Also, smaller instances of the same issue have arisen on other areas of the map, particularly Broken Sands near the Summoning Place and also on the Slave Road near the Unnamed City.

Steps to Reproduce:

This is not something that can simply be recreated. It is happening at random, usually after a server restart, so that may be an issue. However, it’s effect is affecting the stability of the entire server, and is creating a fear from the clans and kingdoms on the server of losing their entire regions to this issue. It’s getting tiresome that this is occurring and will certainly affect the morale of players across the board as I am certain this isn’t an isolated incident.

Is there an effort being made to fix this game breaking bug? Or should I simply keep server restarts from happening? Any help or advice would be much appreciated, i love the game and what has been accomplished over the years since early access, it just seems that with each update another aspect of the game is broken and remains unfixed for too long. Thanks


Is the base near or really close to ai base’s or no build zones as in setting if click yes on instant destroy you lose base and a pic if possible to where base was on map

The setting is mixed in there somewhere I’m at work now but when I get off I go to spots you mentioned and have a look

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Im at work currently as well, but will share pics later this evening. The main base is built atop Heliograph heights, their arena was further into the northern jungle, I’m not sure if it was too close to an NPC spawn, and they didn’t have access to no build zones via admin controls. I’ve noticed lately that when a base begins to load in, the smaller decorative items in the upper portions of the base load first, and as time goes the shelves, walls, and then finally, foundations load in. i’m curious if the load in sequence after a restart is creating a confusion in the system causing it to read these items as ‘unstable’ and forcing them to decay. It’s only happened on my server since the Grave Matters update, whether that has any correlation or not, I’m uncertain. I just feel terrible for the clans that logged in to find their days of hard work completely gone. I restored to a backup point, and also turned off automatic restarts just to try and prevent this from happening again

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Be very very careful doing that the game depends on that to help process the information on it’s self to clear the overall system holds info of what you done in game and will slowly cripple your fps and overall function of the game world and lead to heavy crashes also a pic of your setting as well please just be careful on no automatic restart……. I’ve never used a server as rental but if you back up server before you restart it then just load the backup after restart (kinda like making extra saves on a single players games) could that make it more play able if you get what I’m saying and the server backup would work like that. Just a thought :thought_balloon:

After losing 5 bases and 3 weeks of time to this bug, I quit the game over it.

Context learned:

  • Location doesn’t matter
  • It doesn’t happen every restart, every restart is a gamble on if you survive
  • It only happens to large bases, maybe relating to honeycombing.
    Details on base:
    3 stories with each story about 4 blocks high (2 for living space, 3rd for inverted stormglass ceilings, 4th ceiling/pillar layer for padding between the floors. First wall layer is stormglass, 2nd layer is Turanian, since some people suspect mixing DLC’s can cause it…
    3rd and 3th would be mix match since its covered and not visible.
    Turanian Gates. Stormglass door frame with nemedian doors (wooden door looks good in stormglass frame)

Fence stacking done some outside but base has been lost when I’m pretty sure there wasn’t any fence stacking, and base has survived with fence stacking many nights too. Fence material was usually Reinforced stone.

Map is siptah

First base was on top of a tall south mountain on the island in bottom left of map.
We pillared down the side of the mountain to give support to honeycombed walls on side of base (PVP) for treb padding
Was just about to start moving in, and poof it disappeared. Thankfully our goods were in a temp small base and didn’t lose anything but a ton of time, admins helped compensate t3 building mats.
Started rebuilding hoping some rare fluke, and poof it disappeared again before even got near finished.

Ok, figured maybe something with size, so tried to scale down by not depending on pillaring down side of mountain, built along top again but mainly to the size of the mountain. Survived a restart or 2, felt ok so we moved all our goods in. That night, poof all gone…

Ok, admins suggested this location might be bugged due to height of mountain, as large mountain bases were done by other clans too, just figured maybe ours was bad.

So we moved to the mountain range on the west side of map, northern end of the range, right beside that one vault and the lake with an island in the middle of it. This mountain was nowhere near as high.

Rebuilt base again in single day, for it to all poof again that same night…

Was pretty defeated at this point but I had 2 ideas in my head on what it could be:

I had noticed the inverted stormglass ceilings placed with low stability, at least 1 of them red… It honestly didn’t make sense to me, considering the walls were 100% stability pillars (or least SHOULD have been), but I figured maybe the game is confused and lying to me.
I also noticed that placing ceilings, if the neighboring blocks had walls on top of them, it would place at a reduced stability, I assume snapping to the wrong piece.

I also read a bug on reddit talking about 0 stability foundations can infect the entire snapped build on restart and delete everything… Ok so this seemed to be related!

So my suspicion was, something about honeycombing with super height was resulting in reduced stability at higher heights, and then me putting in the inverted ceilings triggered this bug.

Ok, so I rebuilt one more time, ensuring every dang piece placed at the stability I expected (mostly green, some yellow, very rare orange in the middle of a 5 wide room). This time I did 3 story floors, no inverted ceilings (2 open blocks, 1 layer of pillar filled padding). Previously we mixed in some nemedian outside walls, but in these final 2 builds, just kept to stormglass for entire outside.

If the neighboring block gave me fuss, id remove the walls to get the piece placed down green then put the wallls back up.

That night, base survived…
Next night base survived…
Next night base survived.

Cool I figured it out right.
Well cue going to place a ceiling to add some anti climb in front of gate frame (because I wanted to put a green dragon head here and not let attackers use the head for climbing), and right as I go to place, cursor moves to the wall and was red.

So I panic remove fencing to go remove that ceiling, making sure its not left behind during restart (plus it shouldn’t be there).

Restart happens, and another week of effort down the drain. I’ve uninstalled the game.

I’m not doing anything fancy, especially on that final day, the most I did on the final day was a foundation stacked perimeter wall with fence installed, adjusted the anti stack to place the dragon head at front door, and some stables that wont even on the same snap point.

This bug is BLOCKER priority level, devs should be dropping all tasks to solve this.
Combine with the fact this game doesn’t even have automatic saving to enable restore points, this is horrible. Your player losing everything has to be #1 priority to solve.

It was fun while it lasted though, hope yall fix it soon.

Yes and no it’s like the issue sometimes ago where most players crashed on Xbox and could not play and people kept saying fix the dashboarding issues but what u don’t see is y u lost peices of base which is why they can’t fix it as there not enough information to go off of and they unfortunately can’t pull info from console like pc can. They eventually figured out dash issues bad a library executable that was cause crash crazy but had to get help from Microsoft. Does it suck yes can they pinpoint exactly what it the problem he’ll it took 8 months after finding problem on Xbox to fix and it started out small crashes then after years we got the constant crashing and finally the developers found it was the library executable that was at fault with game but since we can nearly unlimited build freedom it makes finding out this issue extremely hard and frustrating to fix unfortunately

As a Senior Developer who is the one who typically is assigned solving complex and hard problems to solve like this one for my own job, believe me, I understand it is difficult.

Doesn’t change my statement that it needs to be a top most priority.

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Greetings Everyone,

Our team is currently investigating these loss of stability issues and we need your help.
Could you please provide us with your database/game file from before and after the bases were lost?
You should be able to find these files in the Saved folder for Conan Exiles.

If you are able to provide these files please make sure you reach out to us via direct messaging.
You can do this by accessing the Messaging option. Make sure you tag us by using ‘@ Community’

Thank you for helping us with this investigation.

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Hi there!
The same problem occurred a few weeks ago with a friend of mine. And last week with me. Both had a very huge T4 base and logging almost everyday. And the base vanished as dust in the wind.
We play at Playstation, in a private server - PVE-C.
I’ll try to find these files for you too, because it’s impossible to enjoy a sandbox game with this kind of problem.

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