Lost all my inventory while offline.......Server 1737 Glitch....PC issue? May 11 2019

**Game mode:Multiplayer Online
**Type of issue:**Server not connecting
Server type:PVE

Log in as per usual, sever shows up every time, ping is always different but good, but when i try to join it just hangs on the loading sequence with music and changing screens. Trying for about 3 hours.

Finally logged in but apparently even with my laptop shut off, i was still online. Sadly a pile of corpses and lost all legendarily loot from hunting the unnamed city was all I found.
I was stuck in the ground and could not run/jump or shut down. Used task manager to quit and now i cant log in again. server still says 4 players.

On the 4th hour I am finally logged in and can move. My stuff is all gone but character appears to be functional.
Perhaps with the game so broken they should select to keep inventory upon death on the pve servers???

Now it happened again!!!

Read the other player problems too…Boss corpses, enemy corpses disappearing, the list is growing, please listen and respond to us, dont just sale-pitch us on your dam tweets, twitters and farts!

7 hours later…I created three different characters on different servers. Level them up to two or three. I have no problem reconnecting back into those servers and characters nothing changes. But for the life of me cannot log back into 1737 it just hangs on the loading screens

If it were my machine, and it still may be, then why can I log into other servers but not 1737???

In some of these photos, I can turn and look around but not walk, jump or access inventory. I can roll.

Late last night I finally connected, but I had no buildings for about a half an hour. Thralls were floating in the air. Then after I died a few times and came back everything went back to normal. Everything is perfect this morning.


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