“Lost connection to the server” Official #3731

Game mode: [Online PvE Official #3731]
Problem: [Crash]

AFK for 6 days, came home last night to play CE only hours after the new hot fix was installed on my stock PS4. Got in a couple of hours of play before I began getting “lost connection to the server” crash messages. Finally went to bed but upon trying again today I have had NO luck in logging in to #3731. I have rebooted both my wifi router & my PS4. After 2 hours & about 20 attempts I cannot log in - the furthest I have got is to see my character where I left him for about 2 seconds, then crash; usually my log in fails before that & I get dumped back to the main menu.
I have played on this official PvE server several days per week since last Nov & never had this sort of issue.
Can others confirm or explain #3731 issues?

Region: [Here]

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Further to the mystery -
It seems most likely this problem is confined to #3731 (which typically has a ping around 99).
I tried logging into Official #5918 PvE - ping 65ish - all good: created a new character, ran around & leveled up a bit for about 15 minutes.
Went back to #3731… fell through the ‘floor’ this time until crash, then actually got logged & able to move my character outside to campfire… menus to open inventories were very slow, then I crashed out due to same “lost connection” error.
Sure would like that server back up to speed before my main base decays ;-(

Update: As of about 2300h last night (March 29) it seems Official #3731 has stabilized its connection issues & I was able to log on & play for an hour twice in a row.
So thank you to g-portal, Funcom, the shoemaker’s elves or the Universe of Happy Thoughts for getting this back up to functional.

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