Lost connection to server bug

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So I made a post before about the disconnecting. Before every time it used to lag out I turned the game off and back on immediately to avoid dying and losing ym things. Now I keep the game on, and the message always pops up saying Lost connection to server. Its making the game unstable. Literally unplayable. Never has this happened before to me. Please fix it. I keep dying and losing my things.
Can’t swim, can’t be near hostile npcs or the game freezes for me while my character is still there and I die.

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I don’t have a solution, but have the same problem. I cannot even log all the way on. I boot the game, choose my server and occasionally see my toon before I am disconnected with the message: “Lost connection with the server”.
My brother plays on the same ps4 server (#3733) but never experiences this problem. And all this since the latest update. It seems I have problems EVERY time they release an update.

If I tell you the truth, I will get banned…

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Psst, nobody is here, what’s the secret

Since the patch that attempted to fix rubbebanding (but it still happens from time to time, and you can’t even move when you first log in) I haven’t had the disconnecting issue. I was always told that the issue is my connection and Internet, but the proof is there, its not, its the game.
Since the first update this month I kept having the issue, after the patch it was immediately gone, so the issue was nothing to do with my Internet. I used to check the connection strength on the ps4 which was almost 100% every time.
I’m on ps4 3217. Join, it may be just a server issue.

Ah, I tried to create a new toon on your server…to no avail. I received the exact same error message. :disappointed:

When the message pops up go to setting and click on network, then View Connection Status. What is the percentage.

Also sometimes the ps4 loses Internet connection and is somehow fixed when you test Internet connection.

Someone else is also having the same problem

worst to happen is you get 2 weeks forums suspension, i speak out of experience, the threat of ban is like the boogeyman.

I have the same problem since de last update.

I have a question, if you’re playing on PS4
Why did you post this in the PC bug sub forum?

Would you mind moving this to the proper forum?


Hey @Luna_Silverleaf, is your brother playing over the same network as you are and on the same console?

Is your console connected through a wired or wireless connection?

Do you have any issues in any other server?

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Hi Hugo,
My brother plays on PS4 as I do, both of us on #3733. I am unclear as to the network. We typically play together, but from separate houses.
My console is wireless and I have expereinced no problems with any other online game that I play with regards to internet connectivity. I have rebooted the modem & wireless, both physically and through my provider to no avail.
I cannot play on any server, I receive the same error message, no matter which server I attempt to use.

Download is typically in the 90’s, I pay for 100mbs

@Luna_Silverleaf Yeh it is an issue with the game, affects only some players, have no idea why. I had the exact same issue and it fixed with the last patch. Still happens but very rarely.
I think people don’t report it because they assume its an issue with their home network, but it is the servers closing off the connection.
It may be an issue with the client end with your game download. I know you may not like this but try deleting the game and then resetting your ps4 to factory settings, then redownloading. It should fix issues with the files if there were any.

I guess I can try that again (done that in the past to no avail). However, I can say that if this is what I am going to have to do each time they issue a patch update, I will just stop playing the game. This is kinda ridiculous to have to go through this for each and every patch update, ya know?

Are you and your brother using the same internet service provider?

Could you try both hosting and joining a singleplayer cooperative session with him and let us know if similar issues occur?

Hi Hugo, We do both use the same provider. I will ask him tonight about the co-op session. The last time we tried with him joining my session, he was unable to join. But I’ll ask him tonight after work and let you know the results.

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