Lost connection to server

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Mods: no mods

When you play, after a certain time you are thrown out of the server and writes a lost connection to the server, there was no such thing before the patch and everything worked wonderfully!

So…no one has EVER lost connection to a server prior to the patch. Got it. Thank you for the very detailed report.

Sure,that really annoing,all was fine and that patch ruined it,can’r enjoy the game(

Before the patch on the 6th December I might have this disconnect tops once a week or less.

Now after the 6th I have it about ten times a day, more if I had played more. Every 5-10-20-45 mins depending on my luck I drop out.
This is highly frustrating and I find it rather unlikely that something else changed the very same day the patch happened. Same on several servers, modded mind.

After about 1,5-3 hours it seems to stabilize, the disconnects seems to be longer apart. I’ll try note the times to see if there is a pattern. But it’s hard to get things done when you know you will drop out 3-5 times the next hour. Playing with friends is no fun either with this new issue after the patch.

Other places i have read, here and steam, some connect this to the bazaar not allowing offline play.

I hope this issue will be looked into.

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We have the same problem on our own server.
Before the december update everything was fine.

Now we get kicked out on a regular basis with the message “no internet connection”…while we are in voice chat via discord and telling each other exactly that (and everything else on the pc is working just fine) :laughing:
Somewhat relieved that other players have the same issue.
Hope it get’s fixed soon!

Greetings Exiles,

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