Lost corpses, BSOD, Instant death, disppearing buildings

So I logged out in my safe house. Full health. Full water and food. Next to a T4 entertainer. I log back in after an hour and I’m in the desert. Fine. I remove my bracelet and go back to my house. No corpse. No icon of where I died on the map. The house is pretty small so I combed over it hoping to find an invisible corpse. Nothing. Temperature was not really an issue and there was nothing in the logs. Lost some things that will take hours to replace.

This comes after a weekend where a large guild attacked my main keep. That’s fine. I was there to defend but, I kid you not, I BSOD’d on a PS4 Pro four separates times during the fight. It made it impossible to defend (which I may have been able to, if the game was responsive).

When I DID get to defend, I went from full health to zero three times for no reason. Twice I was not even near a player nor in combat. My health went from full to dead. I had excellent medium armor and a large pool of health. I literally lost a chunk of my main keep because I could defend due to the the horrible game code.

Today, I had an intact building disappear. It wasn’t attacked. It just … disappeared. In another building, I had all interior items get destroyed for no reason. Again, nothing in the logs and there were huge loot bags full of good stuff just sitting in the open. It wasn’t attacked.

My main problem is that Funcom does not appear to care about these issues. No one is getting reimbursed. No one is getting help. There are no refunds. There don’t appear to be admins on official servers. Funcom’s complete indifference to the plight of players is rather telling. They appear to have no pride in their work.

i had something similar happen to me on a pve server. If you feel as irate as i do about the current state of affairs, id recommended filing grievances with the appropriate parties. The BBB , FTC , and Sony to start.

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Thanks. I’ll consider it. Sorry about your experience, too.

I think the only thing that Funcom will respond to is people not purchasing or playing the game. Given that server populations are down about 50% on nearly all official servers, perhaps that is happening.

This release is actually worse than Anarchy Online. I didn’t think that was possible but, uh, yeah.

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