Lost everything after dying in Kurak's Lair

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvP
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=
Mods: Greater Camera Distance, Swift Elevator, Fashionist, Immersive Armor, Less Building Placement Restrictions, ModControlPanel,Hosavs Custom UI Mod, Barbarian Barber, Age of War Chapter 3 hotfix 1 Mid-December-Edition, Chapter 3 Combat HotFix by Xevyr

Bug Description:

Died in Kurak’s Lair, Chose respawn in Dungeon and had an endless loading screen. After I force closed the game, I was outside the dungeon naked with no items. No corpse to recall. LOST EVERYTHING. On a test, everything equipped and in inventory dropped to the floor in a bag upon respawn in bed.

Bug Reproduction:

Choose respawn in Dungeon or Bed after dying in Kurak’s Lair

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you stayed more than 30 minutes in the blackscreen?

No I heard about this (see below). When you die and get swept out of there, even if you do load in normal , your body automatically is gone and you are looking at just your loot bag with loot bag despawn rates.


No that’s about what the dungeon reset is


You lose items in a survival game.

Just craft/collect new gear. It’s not hard. In PvP you pre-craft 45-90 gearsets for quick equip after dying.

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Greetings ankhlaigh!
Thank you for reaching out to us and our apologies for the delay.

Situations like yours may occur due to the usage of Mods in your game. As such, we suggest that you uninstall your Mods completely in order to see if your game returns to normal.

Additionally, please verify your files by going to your Conan Exiles on Steam → right click it and go to ‘‘Properties’’ → Installed Files → and click to ‘‘Verify integrity of game files’’.

Alternatively, due to the fact that your issue is related to a private server, we would advise you to join the Admins United discord (also referred on: Admins United: Conan - Discord for Server Admins! ) as this discord includes other admins with the experience to better assist you.

Continue conquering the lands!

Same thing happened to me just now! Lost almost 15 fragments of power never realised what I was going into but after looking into it you die your supposed to spawn back with your gear! Lost so much, please fix & roll me back a lil so I can get my gear if possible Funcom

I can confirm that there is an issue on unmodded servers as well where players nearing the end of the encounter will unexpectedly be taken to a loading screen where they get stuck for several minutes, and the same occurs if they die during the encounter. We’re a keep-on-death server, so there’s no gear loss in our case, but they get stuck loading for a long time.

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I’m tired of seeing copy-and-paste responses. Please give a meaningful reply. Please make meaningful corrections.

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