Lost everything!

I lost everything at my main camp on PC server 1521! I logged in and played on 9/2 and then logged in last night (9/9) and everything gone! Building and everything in it! All my materials, crafting stations, boxes full of stuff. I have proof of the date I logged in last week cause I streamed it! Video is still on my twitch channel

The decay timer was set back to normal (7 days) on Sept 1st. It was later increased back to 14 days (the summer rates) but it would require you to log in and refresh it to take advantage of that 14 day timer. It sounds like you lost your base and items to the decay timer from a lack of playing.

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When I refreshed on the 9/2 the timer set to 336 hours left, so it should have been good for the one week I took off to help my daughter with her kids since her husband passed away. Don’t think it was lack of playing, maybe just bad timing?

Also, my other small base on the beginning beach is still there with some stuff in it… I just don’t understand

Similar thing happened to me. I keep a record of when I last do a full refresh on my bases. I Have a base in the north and one in the south. I refreshed both on 30th August. They both had 336 days. I logged back in today and my base in the north is fine. The main building of my base in the south has disappeared. But some minor buildings and fish traps are still there!

Please could someone let me know if I need to report this separately or does this reply count? Thanks!

Oh should give more info I guess.

I have no mods as it’s on official EU pve server #1023. The event log shows that the buildings started to disappear at about 14:06 today (10th Sept) and continued through until 16:18 today. Nowhere on the patch note did I see anything saying we need to log in to refresh back to 336 hours. It uses the word ‘remain’ suggesting that it would be as if there had been no change.

'Greetings Exiles,

We are extending the date for Summer decay timers on all official servers! Decay rates will remain at 14 days until further notice.

As mentioned, we are working to get a patch out to consoles ASAP and will notify you all when we have an update.

Thank you for your ongoing patience and support.’

We refreshed all our bases on launch day and logged in yesterday to one base gone out of the three. Getting tired of this.

Yeah I know how you feel. I had my base for years and now it’s gone. :frowning:

I hate that this has happened to others, but I feel a little relieved that it wasn’t just me. I don’t know how or where to submit a ticket for it.

I explained what happened above, unfortunately, there is no place to submit a ticket. The decay rates were switched back to normal on Sept 1st:


On Sept 2nd, they changed their minds and reverted that change, reimplimenting the summer decay rates:


After (a server restart) the summer decay rates were reinstated, meaning you would need to refresh your base again (on or after Sept 3rd) to get the extended rates. I am sorry for your loss.

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Well glad you think that is the case. I play on two different servers and refresh at the same time. Only one server had a base decay.

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There is a good chance the server crashed right after you refreshed and didn’t save your refresh, unfortunate, but it happens more often in 3.0 then it did in 2.8. Again sorry for your loss.

Should have lost everything based on that train of thought though, not one base.

I don’t know that’s the case myself, but @DaVice is correct. When decay shifts, things do operate a little weirdly. I called it “mercurial” elsewhere, but it’s always important to be there when they make the change. Otherwise you can get odd results.

That tracks in my XP.

I logged in late that night on the 2nd, so it should have registered for the 2 week decay. Like I said, when I reset timer it showed 336 hours. Should have still been good. Guess I have things to do now🤗. Rebuilding isn’t that bad and at least I didn’t lose any followers. Thank you.

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Leaning to towards just quitting. Base number six gone since release because of change over from 14 days. Each time a different set of timer BS… this time created by Funcom changing their mind on timer end date. Get to deal with it again when it ends a SECOND time. Now the sorc port spam placements in some zones just reek of more unstable servers.

None of this frustration and upset would happen if the developers listened to their customers. There have been repeated requests for the decay timer to be longer than a week. I’ve been in hospital longer than that and when my mother died I really didn’t want to be worrying about decay timers in a game!

Would it have killed them to clarify, as they were doing the hokey cokey with the decay timers, and add a line to say, ‘btw if you want the summer timers to kick in again you need to log in between [insert dates here]’. Rather than using words like ‘remain’ which implies continuity.

I have played other similar games and the decay timers work differently and for much longer (a month). I have never noticed a plethora of abandoned buildings. But what I have noticed is that the player base remains for much longer.

Do they want to encourage customers to play on multiplayer servers or not? If they want to keep the multiplayer population alive long term, they need to make sure that years of effort are not lost due to something like this. It really penalises the solo player, too. I had clan mates but for a variety of very good reasons they had to stop playing. So now, at some point, I will inevitably fall foul of the decay timers due to life and lose everything.

So, the result is they’ve lost another player on that server. I will become one of the statistics they noted during the server mergers. They noticed an increasing number of players playing single player mode. Is it really any wonder?

Greetings dear players!
Thank you for reporting the situation regarding your building decay.

In order for our team to properly assess the situation, especially because these are related to each one of your personal accounts, please follow our Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket through our Zendesk platform:

Our team will await your report dear players!

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