Lost Online Connection Bug, still exists with 1-7-20 patch

I , as well , have been having the same issues . I’m running Windows7 , so I’m assuming the Corporate Heads have decided to stop support files for this OS . If not , I have NO updates to go through , so I am stuck just wondering if a Man with no Income is just supposed to sit quietly in a corner while Those with disposable cash flow get to play the Games because They can keep up with the corporate decision to force the World to buy the new stuff .

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sorry for disturbing
any news???
this is really not funny to spend each time 10-15 minutes clicking Play Online, after when you see again and again Lost Online Connection

@Hugo This is still broken… Can we get this issue’s priority increased please? This makes it almost impossible to play online for Win 8.1 machines. I’m 100% patched, I’ve changed my TLS/SSL settings as per the notes, still not working. I’ve sent logs… I don’t know what else I can do.

today uninstall and install again
OMG, enter the game from first try
Then go to main menu for change the server
It starts again…

:aaaaaa:what I feel every day, when push “Play Online”

any news on this?
Or…I should apply this as a part of Conan Gameplay?
Please answer

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It’s currently being worked on by the developers, although we’re unable to provide any ETA as of this time.


I also have this same problem. I played the game previously without any problem and now I can’t do it anymore. Sad.

Me too same problem, I’ve recentle changed my graphic card and i encountered this problem. PLZZZ HELP, it never happened before

Any movement on this bug? It has been almost two months since this issue was introduced for Windows 8.1 users. I’d happily try to change things in my system config to fix, but so far nothing recommended has worked. Upgrading to Win 10 is a non-starter for me, since Win 10 has more security issues and performance issues on my HW setup.

now i cry cry everyday because i cant play conan exiles, but i can still quickly paste the ip to direct connect official servers

у меня немного другая проблема, у меня даже списки серверов не появляются, а сразу ошибка отсутствия подключения к сети, не знаю уже куда писать

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It seems that this will be happening at least three months more, or they will remove support to W7 and W8.1 and they will clean their hands; I hope to be wrong and see this issue solved soon, but it’s funny to see that I’m not the only one struggling whit this and that there’s people defending the indefensible … I don’t understand this decisions, the game has a lot of bugs, problems, glitches, and unfinished content, but yeah, Funcom Services is a priority … priority for whom? for the players? don’t think so … I will not continue to bother the support team for some weeks, because maybe they have a lot of pressure, but, it would be fantastic if people, support or not, take priority on this, because it seems to be happening to a lot of people.


I have Windows 10 - and I just can’t connect to the game.

Bug is still there with latest patch. 19/20 times I get this when I go to the play online page.

1/20 times I can get a list of servers, but ping times are bogus. (Favorite is the server I play on.)

If I then use the direct connection button, I can connect to this server, and ping time in game is fine.

Hey everybody,

Please continue any feedback about this issue in this other thread:

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